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Our team brings the innovation and efficiency of 3D concrete printing to a variety of applications, from building construction to architectural design to custom projects.

3D concrete printing is an additive process that involves using a specialized concrete mix. The mix is pumped through a nozzle, which is digitally programmed to lay lines of concrete in a specific pattern, layer by layer. This allows for the creation of walls and objects to be printed in a precise and efficient manner. With this technology, it is possible to construct the walls for a simple 2,000 square ft home in approximately 72 hours. This significantly reduces the time required for traditional construction methods and offers a faster solution for building homes.

The 3DCP Muskoka Team

3DCP Muskoka is a woman-owned innovative startup specializing in 3D concrete printing (3DCP) for the construction industry and the creation of on demand printed objects (“product collection”) for consumer and commercial markets.


Linda Reisman is the sole owner, co-founder, and CEO of 3DCP. With a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Linda has a proven track record of developing successful businesses that meet market demand. Her experience includes starting a custom-made gift basket business, designing and selling events to high-end corporate clients, managing store operations for a global company, and serving as Sales Director. In these roles, Linda honed her skills in sales, marketing, operations, HR, and team management.

Prior to the Covid pandemic, Linda served as Director of Lifecycle events for a large congregation, where she used her leadership and technical expertise to develop and execute programs and events for a congregation of 3000 people. In this capacity, she worked with multiple boards, established digital calendars, collaborated with community groups and organizations, and executed fundraising events.

As the CEO of 3DCP Muskoka, Linda combines her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for making a difference in the world. She is excited to use her years of experience in leadership and sales to bring a 3DCP company to life. With this technology, Linda plans to achieve her vision of providing affordable homes while operating a sustainable and eco-friendly business.

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Zohar Klevan has a 30 year history of bringing insight, technology and innovation all over the world.

His curiosity and natural abilities have led him to earn a Masters in Industrial Design.

Zohar founded his own industrial and graphic design company, working on cutting-edge projects, partnering with different companies and producers in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

During his years of work, Zohar helped many artists to turn their concepts into reality on a large scale using a variety of modern technologies.

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Growing up in Muskoka Will Hicks joins 3DCP Muskoka as the Chief Operating Officer.

Coming from a background in detailed fields such as Furniture making, Cabinet making, Wine cellars and decorative concrete. Wills eye for detail and the understanding of how to bring a vision to life, should let you rest easy that you will be happy with your custom 3D concrete project.

His experience working with concrete, has built him a reputation being a high end unique concrete fabricator. Creating items like countertops, wall panels and even diving into the world of custom made concrete furniture for cottages, homes and businesses.

As an Artisan Will has a passion for working with concrete, and many other different materials has given him the ability to see your vision and help create a customized product that suits your dreams and makes them come to life.

“It's amazing what you can do with concrete when you have the knowledge and tools”
- Will Hicks

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Kelly Jones is an outstanding individual with a strong commitment to addressing poverty and promoting inclusivity in the Muskoka region. Kelly's personal experience of growing up in poverty provides her with a unique perspective and valuable empathy. Her unique background, combined with her facilitation and public speaking skills make her an asset in this field. This personal connection is a benefit in her efforts to bridge gaps and connect with individuals experiencing low income.

Kelly having been involved in poverty reduction programs at YWCA Muskoka and implemented initiatives to address poverty within Muskoka to create an equitable community.

Kelly has facilitated workshops that has reached various community leaders, including politicians, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, business owners, and service. Providers. With 3DCP Muskoka, Kelly aims to empower individuals and communities to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

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